What's your Alzheimer's story?

People like us, who care about Alzheimer's, need to speak out and share our experiences. What's your Alzheimer's story?

Alzheimer's is more than just numbers – it's people: caregivers, families, individuals. But too often, our struggles are experienced in solitude and without recognition of the difficulties Alzheimer's brings.

We need to share our experiences in order to make a strong public case for an aggressive national plan to stop Alzheimer's. We can't wait any longer.

Are you a caregiver? Will you take a moment to share that experience so we can show its impact?

Did you lose a loved one to this disease? How did that affect you and your family?

How has Alzheimer's touched your life? And why are you committed to stopping the disease?

Please share your story today.

This action is no longer active. To view the current list of our active campaigns click here