Tell Washington: Stop Alzheimer's by 2020

Alzheimer's robs individuals and families of the past, present, and future. Researchers say we can stop Alzheimer's, but only with an investment of resources. Take action today!

Stop Alzheimer's by 2020!

Alzheimer's disease doesn't just rob victims of their memories. Alzheimer's slowly steals their dignity, erodes their health – and worst of all, it breaks their loved ones' hearts a million times over before the disease takes its final toll. And with the disease expected to cost our nation $2 trillion by 2050, none of us can escape its impacts.

Right now, it takes 15 years and $1 billion to move new Alzheimer's treatments from the laboratory to patients. The Spending Reductions through Innovations in Therapies Agenda Act – or SPRINT Act – will change that. It will foster private investment in new drugs at crucial early stages of their development. It will speed new therapies through testing and approval.

Most importantly, SPRINT gives hope to the one in three American families under siege from Alzheimer's disease that scientific innovation can defeat this disease. The SPRINT Act has bi-partisan support in both the House and Senate – but to make it law, we need to raise our voices together and demand that Congress act!

Don't forget – your letter will have more impact if you personalize it. So please take a moment to explain the impact Alzheimer's has had on your life.